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Comments from athletes on rowing camps and learn to row

Michael’s amazing technical ability coupled with world class coaching skills are simply out of this world. He has a razor-sharp focus to identify improvement areas which he clearly articulates in a pragmatic and motivational manner.   I wholeheartedly recommend Michael.

Chris - Switzerland

I never knew that sculling could be so much fun.   Michael was patient and inspiring.  He built up my confidence and skills in a well considered progression.  Michael found the explanations and drills to precisely correct any faults that were always given in a positive way.

I did not want to get out of the boat!

Anne - UK

Michael coaching a learn to row course

Bethany - UK
(now a rowing coach)

Michael taught me to row and has been influential to my progress and love for this sport since.
Michael has a huge passion for rowing and is genuinely excited to introduce people to the sport and loves seeing people progress and get the most out of it. Michael's knowledge is inspiring and when coaching he not only gives excellent feedback to athletes, but takes the time to explain everything. When coaching, Michael is professional, personable, and makes you feel at ease. He is clear, direct and patient, and takes time to demonstrate, explain and encourage. Michael also has a great sense of humour and although he takes sessions with a clear aim for progression, there is always time for a joke or two from him. I have learnt that Rowing is undoubtedly the best sport, but also that it is technical and skillfull, requires hardwork and teamwork and is rewarding like nothing else. Thank you for introducing me to rowing and passing on your passion and knowledge.

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