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Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Do I need previous sculling experience?

We absolutely love coaching absolute beginners.  The 'WOW factor' is huge and seeing the enjoyment of the athlete is so rewarding.

The camps are designed with each group's specific or general needs.  So if there is a group of beginners together then Great.

It is difficult to coach beginners as well as improvers/ racers at the same time.  We prefer to keep beginners and improvers/ racers on separate camps.

When do we arrive and when do we depart?

You arrive at the French airport on Sunday afternoon and depart after the coaching session on Friday morning.

We would hope to coordinate meeting you at the airport and transporting you to the chateau.

Do I needhire a car at the airport?

We would encourage you to do so as it gives you a lot more independence in the afternoons to discover the French culture and history.

A lot more to come.  WIP    Michael :-)

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