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Other Activites

In the afternoons


Olympic-style archery

In the gardens of the chateau

Michael is a qualified archery instructor. 

This activity only takes place in the chateau gardens and under strict safety supervision and instruction. 

It's really great fun.

Boneguil Fortress

Further up the valley

Bonaguil fortress from the '100 Years War' and of the 13th , 15th , 16th and 18th centuries.

From the top of its rocky spur, it dominates the valley and the medieval village.

It forms a gigantic set, unique in Europe, in a remarkable state of conservation

Boneguil B.jpg
Winery C_edited.jpg

Winery Tours & Tasting

Quite a few to choose from locally

We can make arrangements for a private tour and tasting for you.

Bergerac, Bordeaux and St. Emilion are favourites to visit.

Other Choices

Spoiled for Choice!

Many in the chateau gardens or we can make appointments for you close by.

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